Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Obsedia Obsession

image: Givenchy

Today, I introduce to you the gorgeous Obsedia line by Givenchy.  These accessories come pre-sorted in two forms - bag and bracelet - which makes my job a whole lot easier.  The design of this line is just a bag full of contradictions (pun intended).  From the edgy, leather-metal-plexiglass combo to the classic structure of both the bag and the cuff; there's just not enough contradictory diction to describe this phenomenon that Tisci has created.  Now to test its need it now status.  Drool-worthy?  Check.  Investment piece?  Check. What more can we ask to determine if we really need it now?  Oh...the dreaded, affordable? Maybe not, but we can make it work - especially for that potential addition to our fast-growing arm parties.  Bag or bracelet, its up to you.  Or as Taylor Swift likes to say sing, two is better than one.

P.S. For spring/summer 2012, Givenchy has re-rendered all sizes of the bag and cuff in new colors and textures including snakeskin, ostrich, and, of course, pastels.  Givenchy's definitely got us doing a double take with this line.

Bag available in textured leatherblack snakeskin, and what we've all been waiting for for spring, peachy-pastel snakeskin.
Bracelet available here.

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