Tuesday, January 10, 2012


My name is Jessica and I am an 18 year old finance and mathematics student who has always had a deep love for style and high fashion.  I'm starting this blog, Do a Double Take, to show everything sartorial in two different lights.   My personal belief is that style does emanate from the clothes or accessories that one wears, but rather, from the manner in which they are worn.  This blog is a tribute to that belief.

So on to the good stuff, I'll be publishing daily doses of style and design - each featuring a second interpretation.  
Mondays - Outfits (no explanation needed, you know what these are)
Tuesdays - Lost and Found (tidbits of inspiration lost in the sea of style. Warning: will not always be wearable/practical, but then again, where would fashion be without impracticality*)
Wednesday - Need it Now (wants, wants, wants)
Thursday - Affordable Novelty (something satisfying that won't result in the consumption of crates of Ramen noodles for the next month or so - admit it, we've all been there and done that**)
Friday - DIY Friday (time for some make at home runway-inspired projects - I promise I won't post uber long diy projects, I don't think I have that kind of patience anyway)
Saturday - Girl Crush (street style samples of those ethereal fashion mavens whose style we all covet)
And there you have it - everything I want to do and how I'm going to do it all laid out, nice and proper.  

*Historical examples of impractical but highly coveted fashionable creations include Alexander McQueen's Armadillo shoes featured here and if you really want to go back in time, of course the Most Impractical, Yet Still Most Wanted Award would undoubtedly go to the infamous corset that's been painfully sucking women's waists in for centuries.
**For those of you who really need to know, here's the story about me starving (literally) for clothes.  So a few summers ago, I went to Montreal with my parents and a friend.  We were staying in a five star hotel with those fancy single-serve espresso machines near the hotel room bar and a basket of apples stationed near every elevator.  My friend and I fell in love with a store called Jacob Connection (in my mind, its like a Canadian version of Zara), but the sales tax in Montreal was ridiculously high - something like twelve or thirteen percent.  Armed with this knowledge, and the couple hundred dollars each of us had saved, we made the decision to consume just the free apples and espresso every day for a week so we could go on an insane shopping spree.  Ask me if its worth it now? Definitely.

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